Allu Buckets

Save time and resources optimizing your screening, crushing, processing, aerating, mixing, and loading work, all in a one-step operation with ALLU Screening and Crushing Buckets.
ALLU screening and crushing buckets allow for the processing, separation, sorting, mixing, and crushing of materials. Typical applications include soil and waste recycling, the treatment of contaminated soil, and the transformation of waste into usable materials.


ALLU Screening

ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher D-Series is a versatile attachment designed for material processing, screening, and recycling applications.

ALLU Crushing

ALLU Crusher Bucket is an attachment used with excavators. It is designed to crush and reduce various materials, such as concrete, stone, demolition waste, asphalt, and natural rock. The crusher bucket operates on the principle of a jaw crusher, allowing for crushing and recycling of materials on-site.

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