Construction and waste recycling

Recycling construction and demolition waste is a profitable and environmental friendly way to produce aggregates and reuse valuable materials that would otherwise be disposed. Processing the waste near the worksites also reduces the need for truck transportation resulting in lower logistics costs.
tmec construction and demolition waste recycling

From waste to value

Construction and demolition waste provides an endless source of raw materials for various purposes and products.

Construction and demolition waste comprises multiple economically valuable materials such as reusable aggregates, bitumen, brick, concrete, metals, many of which can be sold directly or used in new products, construction materials or in energy production.

tmec construction and demolition waste recycling
tmec construction and demolition waste recycling

Concrete and rubble recycling

In an optimal case this waste is processed near the demolition site, making the discarded matter a continuous stream of raw materials for new roads, buildings, bridges and urban landscape.

Recovering as much materials as possible also has another benefit. Oftentimes, heavy and bulky waste is expensive to dump in landfills or store in stockpiles. The larger the proportion of materials reused, the greater are the savings in waste management costs.

Make use of material that would otherwise be waste. Less transportation needs and dumping costs.
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Environment and safety
Less raw materials required. Reduced need for loading, unloading and trucking.
Easy to move
Mobile and portable equipment. Simple to move around or relocate whenever needed.

Making the future possible

TMEC is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries in Cyprus and the near middle east.