Optimize the efficiency of process operations with best-in-class valves that provide long-lasting tightness and industry-leading valve reliability. We help our customers to improve their process performance and environmental efficiency, and to ensure the safe flow of materials. We drive profitable growth and sustainable productivity across our customer industries.
Our valves and valve automation technologies are known for quality, reliability and highest safety. We serve variety of process industries, including pulp, paper and bioproducts industry, renewable energy, oil and gas refining, mining and metals processing, chemicals and other process industries.

Partner Spotlight

TMEC offers durable valves for various needs through its partnership with Valmet.

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services. Valmet valves are designed to truly optimize the efficiency of process operations by offering best-in-class valve capacity. They provide long-lasting tightness and industry-leading valve reliability, certified to SIL 3.

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Valmet Valves

Our Valmet valve product range are selected and optimize for process performance and reliability. They provide innovative, fundamentally simple construction, operation and maintenance features to optimize process performance at the lowest cost.


We offer a wide range of high-quality pneumatic actuators, electric actuators and manual actuators designed to maximize cycle life and improve process efficiency.

Valve controllers

Neles™ intelligent valve controllers support standardized technologies and ensure the availability and usability of diagnostics information independent of your control, safety or asset management system.


Are you looking to increase production, reduce risks, lower operating costs and enhance environmental performance? Then you have come to the right place!